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Updated on February 1, 2016

Generally, Tufts does not permit links to third-party websites on official Tufts University sites, since this implies an endorsement of the other party’s products or services and could be potentially damaging to Tufts’ tax-exempt status, reputation and brand. Official Tufts University sites are defined as those that officially represent the university, including but not limited to school, division, office, faculty and student sites with a extension.

The following links are permitted under these guidelines in “externally-facing” sites (i.e., sites that are available to the general public):

  • Links to social media sites, like Facebook, X/Twitter and YouTube.
  • Links to scholarly journals in which a faculty member is published.
  • Links to external media coverage, affinity program partners and event sponsors, with prior permission.
  • Links to an external site that is being used to provide services (including, but not limited to, student/alumni career services, library databases, online registration and giving) to members of the Tufts community.
  • Links from a faculty or staff website to a bookseller site (e.g. or to allow purchase of published works.

The following language must accompany all links to sites outside the domain:

“This site or any product or service provided by the site is not affiliated with or endorsed by Tufts University.”

Many faculty or department sites hosted by Tufts contain links to non–profit organizations with which the faculty member is affiliated.  If a site contains such links, all links should also contain a general disclaimer that the links contained on the site, and the opinions or views expressed in any linked site, are not endorsed by Tufts University.

In addition, Tufts does not permit any language on our official sites that endorses, promotes or advertises products or services of a for-profit business or entity.

A “co-branded” site (i.e., a site that is jointly controlled by and/or includes the logos of both Tufts and a third party) must be pre-approved by the University Counsel’s Office and be the subject of a written agreement confirming that Tufts will have approval over material posted on the site.

Any other exception to these guidelines will be made only if the link promotes the interests or the mission of the university, at the university’s sole discretion.

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For more information on the appropriate use of the “Tufts University” name and insignias, please see the Policy of the Use of Tufts University Name and Insignias (Tufts Name Use Policy).

For guidelines on the use of the Tufts University wordmark and visual identity, please visit our Brand Guides and Logos page.