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Michael Levin, Ph.D., holds the Vannevar Bush Chair in Biology and is director of the Tufts Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology in the School of Arts and Sciences.  Central to his work is understanding how animal bodies establish and maintain specific anatomical shape, and the signals that orchestrate cell behaviors into complex organs. This information is being used to develop new therapies targeting birth defects, traumatic injuries and cancer. Complementing other research on biochemical and genetic factors, the Levin lab has pioneered research into the natural bioelectrical gradients by which cells communicate to control the growth and form of the organism.

Professor Levin is able to speak about:

  • Regenerative medicine (somatic and stem cell)
  • Biophysical control mechanisms in development, regeneration and cancer
  • Synthetic biology and artificial life
  • Complex patterning in embryogenesis