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The Office of Communications and Marketing runs the main Tufts YouTube channel at

If you are a school, department or center at Tufts that is already producing or is interested in producing video content, you may consider creating your own YouTube channel to host it, in consultation with your school communications or web content manager. Please notify us when you do so, and we will make sure to friend your account from ours and evaluate your video content for possible integration into our playlists.

If you are interested in hosting content on the main Tufts YouTube channel, please review the following requirements:

  • The Office of Communications and Marketing will only host content produced by schools, departments or centers at the university.
  • Only news/informational/educational videos and videos of events are permitted. Advertisements, promotions, commercials etc. are not allowed.
  • When requesting content to be uploaded, please provide a reason for posting it to the main YouTube channel as opposed to a separate departmental YouTube channel.
  • Video content must be either 1) made available for Communications and Marketing to download from a web server or FTP server or 2) delivered to our office on a CD/DVD/flash drive.
  • Please be aware of the YouTube Terms of Service.
  • Please be aware of the video formats accepted by YouTube. We cannot be held accountable for improper video formatting/encoding and will not convert or edit any video files.
  • Please provide all information necessary to accompany the video, including a) title b) description (including text and relevant links) and c) tags. Digital Communications reserves the right to edit or add to this information for search engine optimization (SEO) or other purposes.
  • Please allow up to ten (10) business days for a response to a request for video hosting.

The Office of Communications and Marketing exercises sole discretion over what content is uploaded to the Tufts YouTube channel.