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Samuel Sommers, Ph. D., is an associate professor of psychology in the School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University. He is an experimental social psychologist interested in issues related to stereotyping, prejudice, and group diversity, as well as how race impacts aspects of the legal system including jury selection, jury deliberations, and eyewitness memory. He directs the Diversity & Intergroup Relations Lab at Tufts, which conducts experimental research regarding how people communicate, think, and interact in interracial contexts. His first book, Situations Matter: Understanding How Context Transforms Your World, explores the psychology of everyday life, including domains such as crowd behavior, cognitive differences between men and women, and falling in love.

Dr. Sommers can speak about:

  • Group diversity
  • Prejudice and stereotyping
  • Race relations/attitudes in contemporary America
  • Social psychology and the legal system