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Tufts’ visual identity system is designed to create a consistent, strong university-wide identity. However, the identity is flexible so that it can also reflect the individual character and goals of each school and division. We suggest that you create a distinguishing look for your program using color, typography, illustration and/or photography.

For more information about proper use of the Tufts logo, please read the Visual Identity Standards Reference Guide and the university’s name use policy.

The following files are available for download:

1. Tufts logo files for print, web and Microsoft Office software
2. Templates for Tufts letterhead and PowerPoint presentations
3. School lockups/treatments for print and digital projects About the File Formats The following file formats are tailored for either print or digital projects. Make sure you use the correct file format or the logo may render inaccurately, reflecting poorly on the Tufts brand. EPS files are vector files designed for use in print applications at any size. PNG files are designed for use in Microsoft Office applications. The files below are large format and are suitable for most applications. You can reduce the size as needed.

When preparing the Tufts logo for the web, it is a best practice to open the EPS file within image editing software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) and render the logo at your desired size. The last step is to save it as a new PNG file. Please don’t resize the PNG files below. Contact the Office of Publications with any questions.

Both the PNG and EPS versions of the Tufts logo for download have the required clearspace around the logo built into the file. Please do not attempt to stretch the logo or crowd it with artwork or text.

Tufts Logo files

For internally-focused communications: students, faculty and staff

Tufts Classic Blue .eps | .png

Black .eps | .png

White .eps | .png

For externally-focused communications:
alumni, parents, prospective faculty, prospective students, neighbors, etc.

Tufts Classic Blue .eps | .png

Black .eps | .png

White .eps | .png

Word & PowerPoint Templates:


School Lockups:

Horizontal Lockup Vertical Lockup
School of Arts and Sciences .eps | .png .eps | .png
School of Dental Medicine .eps | .png .eps | .png
School of Engineering .eps | .png .eps | .png
School of Medicine .eps | .png .eps | .png
Sackler School .eps | .png .eps | .png
Cummings School .eps | .png .eps | .png
Friedman School .eps | .png .eps | .png
HNRCA .eps | .png .eps | .png
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences .eps | .png .eps | .png

Short/Alternate Lockups

Friedman School .eps | .png .eps | .png
HNRCA .eps | .png .eps | .png