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What are Branding Guidelines?
Branding guidelines are a graphic system of colors and typefaces anchored by a strong institutional logo. Tufts’ branding guidelines have been designed to create a consistent, recognizable university-wide visual presence, while embracing the individual character and goals of each school and division.

How do I know where to put the logo in print or on my website?
The Branding Guidelines Reference (PDF) includes samples of how to use the Tufts logo. You can also contact Marketing and Branding for advice and consultation about using the logo.

Does everything have to be brown and blue?
No, but it is a good idea to use at least one of these colors prominently in your design so it is clearly in the “Tufts family.” Then use photography, accent colors and other graphic elements to create your own look.

Does this affect business cards and stationery?
Yes. Official stationery and business cards may only be ordered online through the Tufts Marketplace using W.B. Mason and Tufts Print Copy Services. Please visit the Tufts Purchasing print and publication page to order.

Visit Tufts Purchasing to become a Tufts Marketplace member.

Can I create a new logo for my program in combination with the Tufts logo?
No. Instead, we suggest that you create a special look for your program using color, typography, illustration and/or photography.